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On the first ideologies of the manga of our famous author of My Hero Academia, Kohei Horikoshi. He imagined our protagonist, Kacchan, to be kind and gentle, and to insult others always unintentionally. The original project was considered a bit too boring and soft so they changed his personality to make him more interesting for the fans. It was even supposed to be called “Ground Zero” but it was thought to be too violent.

When he’s on the battlefield, it’s one of the few times he doesn’t scream. He may be young, but he takes the fight like a pro-hero with excellent self-control. When he fights, he’s incredibly smart, savvy and calm. It’s actually this calm and collected feeling that allows his classmates to see him in a different light and look to him for his performance in battle. He stands out by using his “explosive whimsy” in a totally unique way with a rare ability to react quickly.
Besides being extraordinarily rational, he can strategize while fighting and never underestimates his opponents. (or almost)

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